WATTS SmartStream™ B Series UV Systems WB008ADAX up to 8gmp

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Features SmartKey™ Technology
  • Through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) the controller identifies the lamps to ensure that correct replacement UV lamps are being used and that the lamp is energized properly by the controller
  • The controller writes the number of days the lamp has been in service to the lamp's RFID tag so the lamp maintains a record of service
  • Automatic lamp dimming reduces UV System power consumption by up to 46%
  • Automatic lamp shutoff prevents accidental exposure to UVC light
  • Operating hours are logged onto a microchip located within the UV lamp to prevent old lamps from exceeding their life span
  • High output and high efficiency 9000 hours rated lamps
  • Three different controller options available
  • UV Sensor available on select models (optional)
  • Universal power input 100v-240v 50/60Hz
  • NPT and BSP-Tapered thread options
  • Inlet and outlet connections are internally and externally threaded for convenience (12 GPM systems and larger)
  • 316 highly polished stainless steel reactor chambers
  • Reactor Chambers are designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics delivering a 10%-15% better UV dose
  • Audible and visual alarm to indicate lamp failure
  • Alarm dry contact alarm circuit and 4-20mA output on select models (optional)
  • Uses environmentally friendly "green" technology
  • Simple sizing & installation
  • Touch screen controller with QR codes for replacement lamps and sleeves available on D Series models
 Manufacturer: Watts
• Model: WB008 ( WB008ADAX )
• Smart Key Controller: B-Series Controller
• Controller Mounting - On chamber bracket or remote from chamber
• Flow Rate @ 16mJ - 15.0 gpm
• Flow Rate @ 30mJ - 8.0 gpm
• Flow Rate @ 40mJ - 6.0 gpm
• Inlet/Outlet Connections - 3/4"NPT-M
• System Max Nominal Power - 34 Watts
• Lamp Max Nominal Power (Watts) - 32 Watts
• UV Dimensions (w/ Controller Mounted): 33.89" (L) x 5.90" (W) x 8.29" (D)