Features & Benefits:

  • Time-tested Duraflow flapper provides frictionless sealing for longer service life
  • Fibre-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant
  • Optical sensor for precision cycle positioning
  • Designed with double backwash for reduced hardness leakage
  • Fully adjustable 5 or 8 cycle control for the efficient and reliable water treatment system
  • Continuous service flow rate of 15.5 GPM with a backwash of 6 GPM
  • Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 14" and filter up to 10" GPM in diameter
  • Designed for single or multiple tank systems
  • Supercapacitor for keeping the time of day during a power outage
  • Environmental protective cover for water resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV stability
  • Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages
  • History data for valve performance
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