CENTAUR® Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon 1.0cu.ft (A8056)

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CENTAUR 12x40 is a unique catalytic activated carbon that can be
utilized in the liquid phase for the promotion of oxidation, reduction,
decomposition, substitution, and elimination reactions. Specific
applications include chloramines and hydrogen sulphide removal from
potable, process and other waters and peroxide destruction.

Features / Benefits
• Combines a fine pore structure and high catalytic activity for
enhanced adsorption of trace contaminants
• Not impregnated
• High hardness
• Simple equipment design (no pumps or addition of
chemicals required)
• Smaller system size as compared to standard carbons; lower
capital requirements
• No safety concerns with exotherms or toxicity as with
impregnated carbons
• Wide applicability; can eliminate chemical addition

The catalytic activity and enhanced adsorption ability makes
CENTAUR 12x40 a good performer in other applications such as the
treatment of process water in the bottling and soft drink industries
and in treating aquarium water.
CENTAUR 12x40 is a liquid phase virgin activated carbon produced
from bituminous coal using a patented process. Although it is
not impregnated with metals or alkali, it displays the catalytic
functionality of these materials.
The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via
adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the
pores. In most cases, CENTAUR 12x40 can be reactivated and does
not present the disposal concerns associated with impregnated
This product complies with ANSI/AWWA B604 (2005) – Granular
Activated Carbon and complies with the requirements for activated
carbon as defined by the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) (8th Edition)
published by the U.S. Pharmacopeia.