Fleck 5600MI Mechanical Metered valve Softener

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Decades of service? No problem, look at simple mechanical metered Fleck 5600.

Top Quality North American Components

  • Fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant.
  • Continuous service flow rate of 20 GPM with a backwash of 7 GPM Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 12" and filters up to 10" in diameter
  • Fully adjustable 3- or 5-cycle control for the efficient and reliable water treatment system.
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration Designed with double backwash for reduced hardness leakage Rugged-built electromechanical timer designed with heavy duty 3/8" wide plastic gears
  • Bypass valve

    Warranty 10years!!! on all components (5 years on the valve)

    Shipping to all Canadian Provinces (shipping fee might apply, contact for details). 


    Also, we offer service for Clack and Fleck valve softeners.


    Please email sales@cwts.ca for details.

    Thank you!