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(The Watchwater product historically known as Katalox Light is now being called Katalyst Light by the manufacturer. In a conversation with Watchwater, it was confirmed that the formulation has not been changed at all - this is a name only.)

KATALYST LIGHT/ KATALOX LIGHT ® is a new brand of revolutionary advanced filtration media completely developed in Germany. It‘s composition simply makes it outstanding against the contemporary filter media available in water treatment industries, like sand, BIRM, Greensand Plus, Manganese Greensand etc.

KATALYST LIGHT / KATALOX LIGHT ® is manufactured in Germany.

Filtration of
• Less than 3 micron
• Suspended solids
• Sediments
• Turbidity
• Organics
• Colour
• Odour

Removal of

• Iron
• Manganese
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Arsenic
• Radium
• Heavy Metals
• Radionuclides