PENTAIR Connected Salt Level Sensor (4005702)

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Connected Salt Level Sensor

The Pentair Connected Salt Level Sensor, when paired with the Pentair Home app, makes last-minute trips to buy water softener salt a thing of the past. Check your softener salt levels anytime, anywhere with this simple, don’t-forget-the-salt solution.
  • Universal brine tank clip fits most side-by-side and cabinet water softener models
  • Pentair Home app notifies you when salt levels are getting low by email or push notifications
  • WiFi and Bluetooth® compatible


This “clip, connect, and go” monitor syncs with the Pentair Home app on your smart device and features a handy dashboard where you can quickly view your softener’s salt level, usage, and battery level. Customized notifications put you in control of your system maintenance so you can buy salt when it’s convenient, not when it’s urgent. With a Connected Salt Level Sensor, you can make last-minute salt runs – and living with hard water – a thing of the past.

  • Clips into your brine tank in seconds for easy DIY installation
  • Guidelight assists with set-up and calibration
  • Easy set-up with simple, in-app instructions


  • Salt Level Sensor
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Review set-up information in our Quick Start Guide
  • You will need a full bag of softener salt for set-up
  • Device not intended to be submerged in water
  • Use alkaline batteries only. Lithium batteries will damage the unit