PENTAIR Model # GR/O-HE-75-D Reverse Osmosis

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  • Conserves Water
  • Innovative Design
  • Saves Money
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 50% Recovery Rate
  • Trusted Technologies Transformed

The GR/O REVERSE OSMOSIS semi-permeable Pentair™ membrane rinses contaminants to the drain with less wastewater. High-quality drinking water is produced and conveniently stored in a sealed tank. The GR/O lead-free faucet easily delivers an abundant supply of clear, clean, and refreshing drinking water to you and your family.

  • 5 Micron Particulate Filter: Removes dirt, sediment, sand and other physical particles.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Reduces chemicals, such as chlorine, that may be in your water supply.
  • Post Carbon Filter: A polishing process that removes tastes and odours out of the water.
  • Pentair™ High Recovery Membrane: Reduces 93%-98% of dissolved minerals, salts and other contaminants in your potable water supply
  • Optional all Calcite or Alkaline 5th stage
  • 3/8" from the RO to the faucet
Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and economical way to provide your family with high-quality drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water molecules are forced by your household water pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. Contaminants are rinsed to the drain while your high-quality drinking water is stored in the holding tank.


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Roudolf Giliadov
PENTAIR Model # GR/O-HE-75-D

excellent product

Vince Palermo

PENTAIR Model # GR/O-HE-75-D Reverse Osmosis