Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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We carry most RO membrane brands. 

Standard size 1.8"x12": Pentair, Filmtec™, Valutrex or WATTS

Compatible / Original Hydrotech, Cuno, Culligan, Rainsoft etc.


How to select the correct standard RO membrane for your system:

Look at the drain flow restrictor XXXml/min flow and select a membrane based on the flow restrictor you have.

Membrane Capacity              Flow Restrictor (ml/min)
         18 gpd                                         200
         25 gpd                                         250
         36 gpd                             between 250 and 360
         50 gpd                             between 420 and 525
         75 gpd                             between 525 or 800
        100 gpd                                        800


CWTS is a major supplier of RO membranes. These reverse osmosis membrane elements are sold in 1.8" to 4" diameters and in many configurations. All sizes and brands are available.

If your model/size not listed please contact for a quote and details

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Angela R.
Took too long to arrive

The system is asking for a review of the product 14 days after they fulfilled it. Sorry, but it took 14 days before the product even arrived at my doorstep. I can’t give any feedback about the product. CWT’s cheapest, _paid_ shipping option has taken 7x longer to arrive than their competitor’s _free_ shipping. I had wanted to support a Canadian company, but this company’s shipping timeline truly sucked. I’m hesitant to give them a second chance.

Good day, Angela. We apologize for the lengthy shipping time and appreciate your feedback, which will help us identify which courier company to use in the future for shipments from Ontario to Alberta.