Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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We carry most RO membrane brands. 

Standard size 1.8"x12": Pentair, Filmtec™, Valutrex or WATTS

Compatible / Original Hydrotech, Cuno, Culligan, Rainsoft etc.


How to select the correct standard RO membrane for your system:

Look at the drain flow restrictor XXXml/min flow and select a membrane based on the flow restrictor you have.

Membrane Capacity              Flow Restrictor (ml/min)
         18 gpd                                         200
         25 gpd                                         250
         36 gpd                             between 250 and 360
         50 gpd                             between 420 and 525
         75 gpd                             between 525 or 800
        100 gpd                                        800


CWTS is a major supplier of RO membranes. These reverse osmosis membrane elements are sold in 1.8" to 4" diameters and in many configurations. All sizes and brands are available.

If your model/size not listed please contact for a quote and details