SUEZ Depth Cartridge Filters (Dual Grade)

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SUEZ Depth Cartridge Filters (made in the USA)

Compatible with all standard Pentek Big Blue filter housings.

Many cartridges claim to be depth filters with superior dirt
holding capacity, but true depth filter cartridges retain a
wide range of different sized particles throughout an entire
cross-section of the filter. SUEZ developed a unique one-step
a manufacturing process that continuously extrudes and thermally
bonds pure polypropylene microfibers into a complex, high
capacity filter matrix.
Precise control maximizes the positive filtration characteristics
of graded density, tight micron cutoffs for high efficiency, and
maximum void area for high dirt-holding capacity.


SUEZ depth filters set new industry standards. Depth filters made with Z.Plex technology delivers up to twice the dirt-holding capacity at a 50 percent lower pressure drop than conventional filters. Graded density Hytrex depth filters for process and pure-water applications trap larger particles near the surface and smaller particles near the center, helping maximize service life. Flotrex, Memtrex, and XPleat pleated filters combine precise micron ratings with exceptional particle holding capacity. A wide variety of membranes, construction materials and designs provides filtration solutions for applications from industrial to high-purity pharmaceutical.

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I was very impressed by the customer service I received as well as the fast shipping! Highly recommend.