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PUROLITE Shallow Shell™ SSTC60 is a very different polystyrene
gel strong acid cation exchange resin used in potable
and non-potable water softening applications. It is
supplied in the sodium form as SSTC60 or hydrogen
form as SSTC60H.
Each resin bead in the Purolite Shallow Shell
Technology (SST®) family of high-efficiency
softening resins have an inert core and uniform
depth of functionality. During the manufacturing
process, each bead is functionalized (or activated)
to the same degree. This means that they have a
shorter diffusion path that results in more rapid
softening than traditional ion exchange resin. This is
particularly advantageous during regeneration since
reducing the depth of penetration required to clean the
resin allows for more complete regeneration and
provides higher, more efficient utilization of the
regenerant. The SST resins have unsurpassed salt
efficiency, lower leakage, and reduced rinse water
requirements. Compared to conventional softening
resins, regenerant reductions of 2 – 4 lb/ft3 (32 – 64 g/l)
of resin per regeneration, are possible without
sacrificing capacity or increasing leakages. This
translates to a salt savings of 700 – 1,400 lb/ft3
(318 – 636 kg) per year based on daily regenerations